March 14, 2018

Meet "Chip"...

Susan Pilotto Commission For Brynwood Needleworks

You've seen her creations before on my blog. I'm a huge fan of Susan Pilotto of Mouse Droppings blog, and was thrilled when I received two of her pieces in years past.

Susan Pilotto's Image of My Valentine Mouse

I have written about my one of my other acquisition HERE, and I have the beauty in the above picture, too. I can't get enough of them.

When I purchased the acorn eggcup last year, I just knew that it would be a perfect base for another of her sweet creations. I learned that Susan was going to start taking commissions, so we corresponded, and agreed to make a squirrel to sit atop my egg cup.

Created by Susan Pilotto/Mouse Droppings

Other than sending her the acorn eggcup, we had no other collaboration in completing this piece. I didn't even see it before I paid her, or prior to her shipping it to me. (I could scarcely contain myself during the wait, but knew I'd love it.)

Chip The Squirrel

It arrived yesterday, and I was well surprised when I opened my package. It was everything (and more) than I could have imagined or hoped for. I almost cried!

Chip The Squirrel
He's perfect from every angle, and Susan chose the most beautiful, muted colors of wool to make him, Isn't he gorgeous?
Once I saw him, I knew he'd have to have a name. Coming up with one didn't take me any time at all. I first considered the porcelain egg cup, and then concentrated on my new, little squirrel. 

Please meet "Chip".

He'll be hanging out with me in my studio from now on...along with the other two pieces. I'm sure they'll have regular, little tea parties to celebrate living together with me.

Susan is going to set up a commission schedule. If you're interested, you can visit her blog HERE. If you decide you need one of her commissions, please let her know that Brynwood Needleworks sent you! (I am in no way compensated for this endorsement, either.)
PS. The ink-drawn mini runner under Chip was created by my talented friend, Michelle Palmer...another of my favorite artists!

4 friends clicked here to leave a note for me:

Createology said...

Hello Handsome Chip! Donna you do have the most amazing and talented Friends. Chip is glorious sitting upon his acorn eggcup. This is quite the treasure. Happy Hump Day...<3

Jacque. said...

So dang cute...and the name is great! xo

laura dowdall said...

Oh my that’s just wonderful,what a talent.How does she make them small enough to fit an eggcup.x

heartsease54 said...

I just love Chip! I have already inquired about a piece for myself-will keep my fingers crossed that I can make the list.


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