March 17, 2018

On Deck - Tea Cozy Repair...

Well-loved Tea Cozy

While the sun has been shining, I've been photographing and listing new fabrics in my shop. Later yesterday, I was working on my "Stitch On!" wool work piece that I showed you yesterday. When I finish that (today), this is next on my list...a sweet, well-loved tea cozy in need of repair.

Inside of Tea Cozy

This is a picture of the inside of the cozy. It's got a nice, fuzzy, plushy interior. The exterior is what really needs my attention. It won't take long to replace the fabric, and I can use the removed fabric as a pattern for the new floral I've chosen.

Fabric Replacement Choice
The pretty fabric with the black background will be made into the new cover for this piece. I'll make it today, and share my finish(es) with you on Monday. I'm really in the mood to play since I sent off our tax documents.
Happy St. Patrick's Day to those who celebrate the holiday. We'll celebrate our younger son and his wife's anniversary, as they were married the same day. 

May you enjoy the luck of the Irish today!


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Createology said...

Lovely new fabric for your tea cozy. Sunshine??? Still snowing here and not conducive to home showings. :o(
Enjoy your day dear. <3


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