January 14, 2020

Tuesdays With Tag - I'm Back...

Brynwood Needleworks - Tag and Bella, Lounge Lizards

 Hi, Everybody!

This week, Bella and I are comin' to you from our most favorite spot in the whole farmhouse...Mom and Dad's bed! There's nowhere better to enjoy a snowy, sunny day than right here.

We've kept up our trainin' regimen outside every mornin', but I have to admit, it gets a little harder for me when the snow gets higher in the yard. I really have to snowplow to get to my marks, but I'm tough. I get there anyway (and in darn great style, too).

Brynwood Needleworks - Birds At The "Habitat"

Mom got these two images off the replacement trail camera. The day images are pretty good, but most of the night images are overexposed. She had a long correspondence with the lady in charge of customer service at Browning yesterday, and a brand, spankin' new camera is already on its way to the farmhouse (with a return, postage-paid address label inside, so we don't have to pay for shippin' to send this cam back). We think that's pretty great customer service. Now, lets cross our paws that the new replacement works perfectly for us.

Brynwood Needleworks - TWO Resident Opossums

This image showed up in the camera before it started actin' goofy. LOOK!!! Mom was so excited to see that we now have two opossums visitin' the feeders. Sadly, neither one is Fuzzy Butt. These guys both have long tails, and Fuzzy's was short (probably because of the cold weather). Opossums don't live more than a few short years, so we don't know if he's even still alive.
These two critters love the habitat, and go inside the little cubby holes, and all over the top and sides of it. We're so glad they're here. Mom read that they like pears, apples, meat, and stuff like that, so they get a dish of dog food, pears, and apples most nights. If they do stop by for a visit, the bowl is empty in the mornin'.
Of course, Boo and I can only see the habitat from the pictures, 'cuz we're not allowed down there at all. Oh, and we started barkin' our fool heads off one day because there are two squirrels in the yard now. They're livin' in the big maple tree, so we see 'em whenever they come down the tree to forage for the hickory nuts Mom left from the trees last fall.
It's supposed to snow again this week. Don't worry. Bella and I will be just fine. If they have to, Mom and Dad will make a little path for me to get outside. I'm good now, though. Remember, I'm in great shape, and I can handle a little white stuff. Now, if it gets a foot deep or more, then we're gonna have to revisit that shovelin' issue.

I haven't forgotten that I told you there was some big news brewin'. Plans aren't finalized yet, but maybe we'll know more by next week. You'll just have to come back again to find out. Adios for now.
 I'll see you again in seven. 'til then...
"Just Do It...but not on the rug."

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  1. Good Snowy Morning Tag. You and Boo are super lucky you are allowed on the bed...and it does look mighty comfortable. Love seeng your Opossums in their natural habitat Mom built. They have a really yummy food dish provided too. Keep on Plowin...


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