January 25, 2020

Working On Dresses...

Brynwood Needleworks - Fabrics For Dresses
I've settled on the fabrics, and now I'm busy assembling dresses for my great nieces. I chose a pastel blue for "M", who loves Frozen and sings all Elsa's songs. I chose the pastel lavender for "O", who loves Elsa's sister character, Anna. The animal print fabric will be made into pinafores for each dress. I'll also machine embroider their names (along with their favorite character) onto the underskirt of each dress. I shared the pattern (and photos of my sweet nieces) HERE, to refresh your memory.

It's been snowing (on and off) for two days, so I expect I'll get a lot of sewing accomplished. We'll see how far I get this weekend. I'll be sewing and watching the weather.

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Marilyn said...

The fabrics are beautiful.
Love the animal print.

Createology said...

These dresses will be very special as are your great nieces. Perfect weather for staying indoors and sewing.


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