January 29, 2020

Almost Finished...

Brynwood Needleworks - Almost Finished Dresses For The Twins
If you could see all the buttons I have in large apothecary jars and divided plastic boxes, you'd find it as inconceivable as I do that I don't have what I need to finish these dresses. facepalm But, I don't.

I'm going out first thing this morning to buy buttons for each of the dresses. When I get back home,  I'll add buttonholes, sew on the buttons, and hem the dresses. That's all I have left to do. 

I have to crow just a teeny tiny bit. I'm tickled how the designs lined up on the pinafores! Look that that fox, front and center! And the animals and plants lined up on the pinny for the blue dress, too.

I'll share photos tomorrow of the finished dresses, top to bottom and front to back. I'm looking forward to seeing the twins wearing them, too!

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Marilyn said...

The dresses are so cute, they will love them!

Andrea H. said...

I love those little dresses! I miss sewing cute things like that. My 14 year old would die of mortification if I sewed anything for her anymore. Enjoy dressing those littles!

ShirleyC said...

You did a good job with your fussy cutting! They are adorable! I totally understand about the buttons!

Createology said...

Murphy’s Law is alive and happening with your lack of the proper buttons. These dresses and pinafores are precious! Lovely dear. <3

heartsease54 said...

The dresses are as beautiful as I thought they would be. You do such nice work Donna.

Marcy Ray said...

Beautiful! Anxious to see those little sweethearts in their very special dresses!! I agree with Createology...of course they need just the right buttons...and I bet you will find the perfect ones waiting in the store.


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