January 24, 2020

Biggie and Squirt...

Brynwood Needleworks - Biggie 'Possum
I received my brand, new replacement trail cam from Browning last week. I unpacked it, held my breath and installed it outside. It's been working like a charm since I put it up, but with the cold, cold weather, the only thing I was seeing at night were some hardy little mice, braving the weather to feast at the banquet I put out every afternoon. There's always a little something for everyone.
I've been putting out peanuts-in-the-shell for the birds and squirrels, along with birdseed; corn-on-the-cob for the squirrels; and then goodies for the opossums. The 'possum food went untouched, because they were sticking close to home to stay warm.

The temps came up on Wednesday night, bringing snow and the two opossums back to the "habitat". After pulling my SD (memory) card for my trail cam, and plugging it into my laptop, I smiled to see they were in multiple frames.

I know they'll never hear these names, but I named them both today. This is the larger of the two opossums, so I've named him "Biggie". I'm not sure if it's a boy or girl, but Biggie showed up around 9 o'clock Wednesday night. 
"He" (because I just don't know) covers the whole area while here...preferring to hang out under the little roof tasting a bit of everything. In this photo, most of the eating has been accomplished, and there's a little preening and cleaning up going on. I learned last winter, when they came to our porch to eat, that they always clean up after eating, reminiscent of the way cats clean themselves after every meal.
Brynwood Needleworks - Squirt 'Possum
Almost immediately after dark, this little one shows up. I've called this one "Squirt" because he's so small. I leave food up in the cubbies and crevices of the habitat, and that's where Squirt prefers to snack. Even so, he also likes the nuts and fruits in the birdseed mix, so he'll come down into the foreground of the feeding area.
I've learned that, while opossums are little trash eaters, they love pears, grapes, and cat or dog food. Dog food, I'm told, has more food value for them, so I put that out for them to help keep them nourished in the coldest weather. Of course, the pears, grapes, banana I cut up for them is always gone in the morning after they visit, too.
During the day, I watch the squirrels facing off the crows to get to the peanuts; and before the sun is up, a small flock of mourning doves descend on the birdseed. I've counted 25-30 doves showing up just before dawn. I've got some great pictures of them in flight, and I love how the light shows through their feathers.
This really is the best Birthday gift...it keeps on giving with every image. Does this count toward my "extended" Birthday timing? Hmmmm. I wonder. I might extend this one all the way to the next one, if that's the case.
All the fabric for the dresses for the twins is washed, waiting to be ironed today. After that, I'll be cutting out the pattern pieces. I almost never cut patterns and sew the same day, so I'll plan to sew tomorrow. Then, I'll be off to the races. Their Birthday party is the 31st, so I have a deadline. I hope you'll follow along.


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Marilyn said...

Great cam pics.
Possums get a bad wrap because people say they are ugly.
I think they are cute in their own way.
They don't bother anyone unless provoked.

Sherry said...

Great pictures! So glad your new cam came! I am going to enjoy looking at the pics as much as you! I get the racoons, possums, birds, squirrels and sometimes a few deer wander over.


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