October 3, 2017

Tuesdays With Tag - Mom's A Genius...

I Love Morning Glories!

Hi, Everybody!

By now, I'm sure all of you know that Mom's pretty smart, but
seriously...I have to tell you how I learned that she's a freakin' genius!

I want to say that dogs love rollin' in gross stuff. Before you start hollerin' at me,
it's what we do. It's who we are. It defines our...ahem...essence.

That bein' said, our humans don't always appreciate the cool junk we find to roll in.
What that means for dogs is that we're sentenced treated forced to endure a BATH. Ugh!

In The Tub Again.

 Let's start by really examinin' this photo, shall we?
Aside from a handsome, peanut-shaped Corgi, and Mom primed to bathe said hound,
do you notice anythin' else? How about that brown smudge on the side of the tub?
(Go ahead. You can click on the photo to make it bigger.)

Well, let me share Mom's secret with you...
Before she told me to get in the tub, she brought a spatula upstairs loaded with peanut butter.
She smeared it on the side of the tub to give me a little diversion while she scrubbed me clean.

Wait. Whaaaat? Nom nom nom.

 I'm here to tell you, boys and girls, that I hardly knew what hit me!
I mean, I didn't even notice I was gettin' wet and soapy. All I could focus on
was that creamy, peanut-y goodness. I worked on it the whole time she scrubbed me!

Almost Gone!
By the time she was finished, so was I. Corgi and bathtub were sparklin' clean.
Mom said that she saw this idea on FaceBark, so she can't take credit for it, but
I don't even care. We do this little dance every time I have to take a bath...she calls
 me and I go hide. That won't be the case from now on. In fact, I can hardly wait until
 next time! I might even go find somethin' rank to roll in, just so I can get another bath.
 Of course, that means I won't get as much for dinner. Gotta watch my figure, you know. 
Ha! I don't even care. Dogs love peanut butter.
(NOTE: Before you give your pup any peanut butter, make sure it doesn't have Xylitol in it. That's poison to dogs and can kill us before you can get us to the vet. We use Jif.  Xylitol is in sugar-free gum, too, so check to make sure your house is safe for your pet(s) by gettin' rid of it!)

So now you know what I know. Mom's a genius!
I'll see you again in seven. 'til then...  
"Chase A Dream - Or A Squirrel".

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Createology said...

Tag you are soooo lucky to have your Mom who is Genius! I must admit you had me laughing...really Laughing. Then I shared your post with my husband and he smiled. Hard for him to understand a dog blogging!!! Love your sharing today and so good to know what that brown smudge was on the tub...I saw it before I read and thought it was part of what you rolled in...YUCK! Peanut butter is also excellent for stopping hiccups for me. Have a perfectly wonderful week my sweet Corgi Cutie. Smooches...xo

mray said...

What a delicious idea!! Now if only our large chow , Peekaboo could fit in our tub! Tag you are one lucky Corgi. (Always enjoy your blog & read it to your #1 fan..Peekaboo.

Jacque. said...

I saw that, too. Great idea! Fortunately, I have never had a problem with dogs in the tub...they always did exactly what they were told to do. (Even didn't shake until I had the towel in place!)


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