October 11, 2017

A "Go Away" Day...

Weather Clouds
 It's always good to be flexible.

I'd originally planned to be sewing all day yesterday. It was mostly overcast outside, which always makes for a good day to be inside (unless I'm out in the garden, weeding, which I didn't feel like doing).

Farm Range

Instead, Handsome and I answered an ad selling a gas range, which is what I've wanted for our kitchen. This was being sold locally by a young couple who just installed all stainless steel in their place. I don't know whether or not I've mentioned it before, but I want white appliances in our kitchen, not stainless. Been there, done that. I think it looks too modern for our hundred year old lady.

I also thought I'd just go with a cooktop and add a wall oven, but this was too good to pass on. We'll still do the wall oven when we install the kitchen, but this range has exactly the cooktop configuration I'd hoped for, with a bonus oven to boot! Because of the full grate, I won't have to worry about my canning pots being too large for the burners. (On our current range, the pots kind of "hug" the burners. ugh)

She needs a little interior TLC, but I'll tackle that in the next week or so, and schedule our HVAC guy to bring a gas line up from the basement to where the range will go. We already have the line coming in to our steam boiler, so we'll just have to divert a line into the wall above the boiler. I'll be cookin' with gas in a few weeks!
One More For Me

When I first started making my wallets, I did one I called "Rule Brittania" in this fabric combination for myself. (You do see the acorns, don't you?) I showed it to a friend who insisted I empty it and sell it to her on the spot (which I did). Well, now I'm going to make a Kirby Crossbody in the same fabrics, and will follow up with another wallet after I make up all the Kirbys I have cut and ready to sew. I'll be making those tomorrow.

In case you're wondering why I'm not sewing today...I got a lead on Concord grapes. I want to make jam, so I'm planning to head to the place that's selling the pick-your-own grapes this morning. I'll be making jam this afternoon, and I expect the whole house will smell like the Welch's factory by dinner time. 

If the weather falls in the proverbial "toilet" (rain is in the forecast), I'll sew today and can tomorrow. See what I mean? It pays to be flexible!! Either way, check back tomorrow and you'll see what I ended up doing.


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suz said...

love the fabrics! I'm so impressed (and jealous) of all the canning you are doing! I'm hoping to have time for that when I retire next year!

heartsease54 said...

Grape jam always takes me right back to my childhood. Welch's grape jelly was always a staple at my Grandma & Grandpa's house and I lived with them for a time while my Mom worked. I still remember going to the store with Grandma and she would always get me the little bottles of Welch's grape juice to take home, much better than drinking it from a can like nowadays. Thanks for sparking the memory. And if I didn't already have a wallet from you that I love, I think I would go with the combo that you show here.

Createology said...

Hello Dear. We are safe from the fires...so far. An eerie orange glow and lots of smoke here. Thank you for checking on me...my emails are being bounced back...i don’t know why. Great new gas stove and you will get lots of excellent use out of those full grate burners. Flexibility allows for Balance. Too funny about your wallet. Happy sewing and/or canning. <3

TerriSue said...

What an incredible gas range! Your right, it will be perfect for canning. We have white all around in our kitchen except for our refrigerator. We got it off of free-cycle and it is a light almond. At the time Jim wasn't employed and our refrigerator then was making horrible screeching noises. Well beggars can't be choosy. I like the way a white appliance kitchen looks. To me it is happy. Have fun with your sewing and jam!


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