October 9, 2017

Colorful Corks...

Preparing Cork Sets
Saturday was a preparation day. I started my morning as I always do with coffee and conversation with Handsome. Afterward, I mailed out a few orders; picked up hickory nuts in the yard and played with the dogs; and then came inside to cut cork fabric to make more Kirby Crossbody bags this week. By mid-afternoon I had fourteen different combinations cut and set aside. I'll be adding a few new cork fabrics to the lineup, so I have to cut more fabric before I start sewing today.

I love making these bags, and the combinations of cork are nearly endless. I think the bag is stylish and can easily transition from casual to dressy. I can wait to show you how they turn out.

Tag is eager to visit with you again. He'll be back tomorrow, with who-knows-what on his mind. My little guy is definitely full of surprises. 


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Createology said...

Delightful cork fabrics primed and ready to become gorgeous crossbody bags. Sewing Bliss Dear! <3

Createology said...

Divine cork fabrics...primed and ready for your stitching expertise! Happy Sewing Dear...3

TerriSue said...

The corks are beautiful. I am getting some help finding my sewing room again. After years with my back pain being especially bad it seemed that that room was where everything got tossed. When our son and daughter-in-law were living with us it became worse. Finally 6 months from the last surgery I am feeling well enough to look around and say enough is enough. I called in a professional organizer. I still can't lift or move things. She has been here twice and is wonderful! I bought 2 purse patterns today in anticipation of being able to sew again. Your picture of cork made my mouth water with ideas. I know I haven't been commenting as much lately but hopefully that too will change in time. Donna know that I cherish hearing about all the goings on at the farm.

laura dowdall said...

All that gorgeous cork,can't wait to see the bags made up.x


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