October 9, 2017

Colorful Corks...

Preparing Cork Sets
Saturday was a preparation day. I started my morning as I always do with coffee and conversation with Handsome. Afterward, I mailed out a few orders; picked up hickory nuts in the yard and played with the dogs; and then came inside to cut cork fabric to make more Kirby Crossbody bags this week. By mid-afternoon I had fourteen different combinations cut and set aside. I'll be adding a few new cork fabrics to the lineup, so I have to cut more fabric before I start sewing today.

I love making these bags, and the combinations of cork are nearly endless. I think the bag is stylish and can easily transition from casual to dressy. I can wait to show you how they turn out.

Tag is eager to visit with you again. He'll be back tomorrow, with who-knows-what on his mind. My little guy is definitely full of surprises. 


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