October 2, 2017

Sunday At The Farm...

Brynwood Needleworks - Sunday 10.1.17
Sunday was a wonderfully, fun, busy day.

I think I've told you how much I enjoy the FaceBook Marketplace. I've bought (and sold) some pretty great things there, and now I've found something fabulous! It's something I've been looking for all summer.

I've gone to flea markets, yard sales and watched online, but Saturday night I found exactly what I have been searching for. It's a double wash tub sink on a stand. The ones I'd seen earlier were the cost of a king's ransom, or they were full of holes and falling apart. Andy found one for me that I love, in a different style, which will hold all my herbs next year, but I wanted another for more plantings.

I drove about 40 minutes from home to pick this one up. I called first thing in the morning to see if it was still available, and when I was told "yes", I said, "I absolutely want this, so please don't sell it to someone else while I'm driving to your house." As agreed, it was waiting for me when I arrived.

I was greeted by the current owners' yellow Lab, Bella (!!!), and she was a real sweetie. After making a little small talk and me giving Bella the requisite attention, the gentleman showed me the tubs. He told me that this set is over sixty years old (and it looked nearly brand new, even sporting the original tags!), and the original drain hoses were still attached! 
He asked me if I was going to turn it into a planter. I told him that, unless I could find suitable liners for the tubs, I wouldn't put any plants in them. I may use them as display pieces at sales venues when I set up my Brynwood shop at upscale craft shows or markets. For now, they will sit, sheltered on the front porch.

When I got home, I harvested more lavender flowers and made another small batch of jelly; baked two loaves of banana nut bread; picked up the fallen hickory nuts in the yard; and made twelve dozen chocolate chip cookies. 

When things cooled down, I took one of the loaves of banana nut bread, and a box of cookies up to Andy and Shelly, promising more where that came from. Their grandson (remember Eli?) will be back this week, and I hear he likes my chocolate chip cookies. Making treats and other gifts for our friends up the hill is a true pleasure for me, and we always have enough here so that I can share them with our own grandchildren when we see them. In fact, I've already put a box together when we see our granddaughters early this week. We'll see our grandson soon, too.
Tag can't wait to tell you about a new trick I learned last week. You read that right. I learned something new. You're going to love it. See you tomorrow!
Happy October!
(whew, already!)


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Createology said...

Hickory Hill Farm must have some very special rarified air that gives energy to you! I cannot imagine accomplishing so much in just one day. I love everything you have done and baked. I read Pure JOY in your post my friend. Wonderful Week to you and yours...<3


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