October 16, 2017


Large Enamelware Pot

On Saturday, I teased you with a photograph of enamelware pieces I purchased on Friday. I wanted to wait until daylight to get some better images to show you. Well, it rained most of the weekend, so although I'm less than thrilled with the pictures, here they are.

This first picture is a large pot I bought. It still has the original label on it. I guess that's a big deal for collectors. I'm not sure how I'll handle it, as I plan to use the pot in the future.

Covered and Larger Pieces

I went to the home of the lady who was selling these pieces, and as I was the first one there, I had my pick of her treasures. Most of the pieces I purchased have no interior chips. That's really wonderful, considering their age, and that she used them, too. Some of them look brand new!
All Shapes and Sizes

There were rectangular pieces, bowls, a colander and pie plate, and a handled saucepan. She actually had all the sizes of the saucepans, but in spite of the awesome prices, I tried to budget myself. I also considered that I need to find a place for all of them until our kitchen is finished, too.

Half Gallon Enamelware Pitcher

Another feature that really will come in handy is that many of the pieces have markings for measuring the contents. Here's a closeup of the half gallon pitcher (in excellent condition!), showing the markings.

My thinking on these new acquisitions is, 1) They're perfect for a farmhouse, and 2) many of them can be used for cooking (and canning!), so they're beautiful and useful. In fact, I've already used more than a few pieces for canning this past weekend.

Perfect For Our Chinois

One large piece was missing the bale handle, but I saw it and immediately knew how I would be using it. As soon as I got back home, I grabbed the chinois and placed it over the pot. Perfect fit! Now I have a piece that will catch everything that I mill through the strainer, and then I can easily pour from that back into a pot to finish cooking.

Slow Cooker Applesauce
Of course, I tried it out Saturday. Handsome and I had to run errands, so I cored and peeled twelve pounds of apples and popped them into two slow cookers before we left. We came home to stewed apples, which I ran through the chinois and then back into a pot to bring up the temperature.
Handsome stirred the mixture while I added the cinnamon and nutmeg, and set up the canner, jars and lids. He's actually enjoying this process as much as I am, and most days he's offering and eager to help. (Remember, he didn't like peeling pears, though.)
This applesauce is darker than the first batch. It tastes just as fresh and rich, but I'm thinking the addition of more peels is responsible for the browner color.

Our elder son and his family were here yesterday for the heartbreaking Packer game, followed by dinner and Birthday cake for same son. We sent them home with a number of jars from the pantry. Our pickles were a particular hit with our daughter-in-love, so we made sure to include those in their care package. I gave them jar of the applesauce, too, and I got a text late last night telling me that our grandson thought it was delicious, so that's all this grandma needs to know!

Needless to say, there was no sewing this weekend. Today, I shall not be dissuaded. There will be sewing...rain or shine.

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Danice said...

What wonderful finds. I love vintage collectibles, esp. rare ones like these with no interior damage :)


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