October 10, 2017

Tuesdays With Tag - This Is How We Do It...

Tongue-Out-Tuesday At The Farm

 Hi, Everybody!

FaceBark has a thing they call "Tongue-Out-Tuesday" where folks share pictures of their critters with their tongues hangin' out. I don't know why it's only on Tuesdays. Heck, we do it every day around here!

Fetchin' Fools

This is a little somethin' Dad (or Mom), Bella and I do just about every day. Somebody throws a retrievin' dummy, and Bella and I race to see who can get it first and bring it back. Bella's faster than I am (although not by much!), but I can scoop that dummy up fast-as-you-please, 'cuz I'm right down at the right angle. "Age" doesn't mean "old" around here!

It's A Long Way To Run For Fun

Mom always throws dummies up the hill, but there's a good reason for it. Every time she throws that orange dummy near a tree or building, she gets the darn thing hung up! Geez, she even wrapped it around the power line going from the pole to the house last week! She had to grab a long piece of wood and stand on the retainin' wall by the house to unwrap it. Could anythin' possibly more embarrassin'? Boo and I just shake our heads.

Anyway, if she tosses that dummy up the hill, at least so far, she doesn't get it caught in anythin' and we actually get to fetch it back to her. We don't have those problems when Dad throws it. Just Mom.

We run and run and fetch and run and by the time we're finished, yup...our tongues look like boiled hams stickin' out of our faces. We get a healthy dose of water, quickly followed by a trip back outside for relievin' ourselves, and then we rest about a half hour before we eat. Don't want anyone gettin' a twisted stomach around here!

I Love Massages!
So, Mom decided after all that runnin', I might appreciate a full body massage. I had jumped onto her lap after my dinner, and she rolled me onto my back. I thought that was nice enough (What can I say? The footstool is really comfy!), but then she started rubbin' my shoulders. ooooooo, baby! That felt good!
She proceeded to rub my legs; my shoulders and paws, and then she rubbed my neck, ears and my chest. Well, I'm gonna tell you I really, really like this massage business. I fell asleep and didn't move for about forty five minutes! I told Mom it would be Jim Dandy if she'd do that every day for me. 
Mom always talks about how happy she is here at the farm. Bella and I absolutely agree with her. (So does Dad, makin' it unanimous!) Every day is filled with food, runnin' and now, a Corgi massage. Don't tell Bella. She'll want to hog Mom's lap if you do! It can be our little secret, okay?
I gotta run...quickly followed by dinner, and my appointment to relax. Seriously. Don't you wish you were a dog?
I'll see you again in seven. 'til then...  
"Chase A Dream - Or A Squirrel".

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