June 27, 2017

Tuesdays With Tag - Farmhouse Visitors...

Farm Dog

Hi, Everybody!
It's been an excitin' week here at the farm.

The bluebirds are nestin' in the birdhouses Mom put up. The hummin'birds are droppin' in to catch a drink at our nectar bar, and I even had fleas this week! Mom said it's 'cuz I stuck my head in a bush where the bunnies have been livin'. Who knew?

I was sittin' at Mom's feet, listenin' to somethin' she was sayin' to Dad and then next thing you know, she's freakin' out. Almost scared me out of my fur! I'm pretty fast, but she had me in a bath before I could tip my head sideways and say, "Wait. What?" I got a bath in some stinkin' shampoo, and those bugs were dead before you could say "Corgi Abuse"! 

Bella was gonna get a bath for the fleas, too (just in case), but before Mom could bathe her, she managed to find a fabulous pile of nasty goo. I was sooo jealous! Her bath was double purpose...stink and bug removal.


We also had visitors this weekend. Our granddaughters were here with their parents. They told Mom (their Grandma) that they love the farm, which was music to our ears. We love havin' them come to visit - with or without their mom and dad. I'm hopin' we can have a sleepover some time soon!


Of course, they couldn't visit without Mom takin' a bunch of pictures. The ladies ran up the hill to see what was up near the trail into the woods...and apparently, they even made some poses for the trail camera that Shelly and Andy have in there. Silly girls!

I can tell ya for certain...there are two big deer livin' in the woods right now. How do I know? Bella's been growlin' at 'em for the past week. They come down out of the wood lot, nibble on some of the farmer's soy bean sprouts, and then amble on their way east. Did I say they were big? Yup. Humongous!

I wonder what the next week will bring? I'll take notes and tell you all about it when you come back to visit.

I'll see you again in seven. 'til then...  
"Chase A Dream - Or A Squirrel".

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Createology said...

Hi Tag! You sure are havin fun at the farm. Fleas freak me out too and I don't even have fur!! I once cat sat for friends and it was in the heat of summer. When I walked into their apartment I was engulfed in fleas from the floor up. I literally got into the shower with all my clothes on. It was so GROSS!!! Your Grands are beautiful and I think they will want to have lots of sleepovers with you at the farm. Those deer are voracious eaters so don't let them get near you. Happy Eplorin and Enjoyin...<3

Jeannie B. said...

What a wonderful place for Grands to visit. We all wish we had access to a farm as a child! Growing up on Air Froce Bases, they were usually away from towns, so we had the wild woods to explore!

Kris said...

What darling granddaughters, Tag!! And what a wondrous place for them to come visit!! Stay clear of those big deer!! :-))


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