June 4, 2017

Sunday Scripture...Remembering Fezzik

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If you've been reading my blog nearly from the beginning, you know who Fezzik is - and you know the story of his short life. My sweet boy would have been seven years old today, so I want to remember him on this Sunday, and lean to what I believe the Scriptures tell us about reuniting with all our loved ones when we pass. I believe it with all my heart.

Brynwood Needleworks' Fezzik Inconceivable
Happy Birthday in Heaven, my dear Fezzie.
Love Never Dies
Until we're together again...


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Createology said...

Happy Birthday Fezzik. You were such a sweet boy. Happy in Heaven. Donna Dear I also believe. <3

TerriSue said...

Happy birthday dear Fezzie. You were a sweet such a sweet boy. I haven't been writing much since my back surgery. We had a tragedy this week ourselves Donna. We lost our dear Gypsy. She was our Cockatiel. She was our oldest bird who we had gotten when she was very young. I still needed to hand feed her after bringing her home. She was 12 years old and I miss her call in the house so much. I too believe she will be waiting for me in heaven. I expect she will fly right to my shoulder. It is bare now though.
Fezzie always looked so cute on the motorcycles liked he was ready to take the road.

Kris said...

I do remember Fezzie!! And I too, believe with all my heart that we WILL see and be with our loved ones who we pass through this veil of life that seperates us from them!!


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