June 14, 2017

Getting "Spicey"...

Brynwood Needleworks - Florida Pantry Spice Racks

You may remember a post I did quite a few years ago about redoing the pantry in our Florida home. I needed a spice rack and decided to make my own. One weekend when Handsome was traveling, I set about getting that project done. I started by going shopping with one spice bottle so I'd have a size reference. 

I had seen these organizers at Bed, Bath & Beyond but I needed to find the proper size to fit those spice bottles.

Bed Bath & Beyond Web Image

The 6" x 12" boxes were perfect when I placed them horizontally. I purchased ten bamboo boxes and put them together in sets of 5. I mounted them to the wall and loved how convenient they were.

Making New Spice Racks
I didn't want to put the spices into a pantry cabinet here at the farm. I'm just too spoiled having them out where I can see them and just grab what I need. It's a little less convenient to get to a Bed, Bath & Beyond from here, so I "let my fingers do the walking" and ordered what I needed Here on their website. 

I glued them together (Gorilla™ Wood Glue), clamped them and waited for them to dry. Yesterday, the other item I ordered to mount on the pantry wall arrived, so today I'm going to mount everything on the pantry wall.

I'm excited about my plan, and having the spices on racks again. Please, come back tomorrow and I'll show you how everything turned out.

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Createology said...

Your Florida pantry was very organized and neat. I am certain your Hickory Hill Farm pantry will be just as organized and neat. Isn't it wonderful when we can be clever and create just exactly what we need? Happy Spicing Dear...<3


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