June 28, 2017

Farmhouse Renovation - Pantry Racks...

Spice and Mug Racks In Farmhouse Pantry

I promised photos of my installed spice racks and our reproduction bottle rack (which we're using for mugs). They're installed and in use now, and I'm really happy with the way they turned out.

You may remember that I made these same racks for our pantry in Florida, and they worked really well. The only difference was that I added one more section to each set of "shelves". This was the post I shared with you of our Florida pantry. That post explains what I used and how I made them.

Pantry Wall Racks

We were told that this wall was drywall, instead of lathe and plaster, so I could use my favorite wall anchors to install the racks. Once they were installed, I put up my spice bottles. Yes, there are a few lot of spices there, and yes, they're arranged alphabetically. (How else would I find what I'm looking for? lol) What can I say? I love to cook!

The cup rack was purchased from DecorSteals. DecorSteals is a great place to purchase farmhouse or vintage items, but their items aren't always available, stock sells out quickly, and they may not ship for up to fourteen days after you order. When you see something really cool, you might have to wait a while for it to arrive. (Example: I ordered this rack on May 17th, and it didn't arrive until June 13th.) I think that's the only real downside of ordering from them. I do love the rack!

Vintage Scale, Antique Rolling Pins and Wash Boards

There are more than a few other vintage and antique items in our pantry. We purchased the scale in the late 1980s when my Labrador, Bryn had her first litter of puppies. We used this scale four times when Bryn and our golden Retriever, Samantha Rose had their litters. It holds memories of sweet puppies who grew and went to new homes when they got old enough (and two great hunting dogs that were wonderful mamas, too.)

The rolling pins are old, too. One belonged to my mother-in-law, one belonged to another family member, and one I puchased myself. They sit in a lovely, old crock I found at the antique mall in Kewaskum, WI last summer.

The washboards were Ebay purchases decades ago. I'm especially fond of the glass board, and was relieved when it arrived here safely after the move. I'll eventually mount it on the wall near where it stands now.

The Longaberger basket holds the attachments for my KitchenAid mixer. The mixer was a gift from Handsome and our boys in the 1980s. It's served me well all these years, and now it sits full-time on the counter in the pantry. I don't have to lift it to the counter to use it anymore. (It's really heavy!)

The Pantry At Hickory Hill Farm

This is how our pantry looks now that the racks are up. We'll change a few things when the kitchen is built later this year. The sink and base will come out to make room for our refrigerator. We'll put in a new countertop, and we'll put the same flooring in here that we decide on for the kitchen.

Even without those updates, this is a great room, and I really love that we have this entire space with all its storage conveniences. By fall, many of these cabinets will have home-canned goods in them, too. Just another thing to love about our farmhouse.

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Jeannie B. said...

I love your pantry. You make farm life look so appealing!


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