June 5, 2017

They're Here...

Ruby-Throated Hummingbird - Male

I (sort of) hid behind the handrail and honeysuckle vine and waited. They've been fairly bold, but the male is more skittish than the female. So, I hid and waited.

Ruby-Throated Hummingbird Male

It didn't take long for my reward. The male flew in first. I think he and his mate have a nest in the apple tree. They flit back and forth between there and the feeder.

Ruby-Throated Hummingbird - Female

I think they take turns, too. The female came to eat next. She hovers more than the male does. He likes to sit to eat, and then take off. She, on the other hand, will fly around and then sit. She stays about twice as long as he does each visit. My camera shutter doesn't bother her either, while he buzzes off at the first shutter click.

Ruby-Throated Hummingbird - Female In Flight

I sat quietly, keeping my head down. The only thing that moved was invisible to them, because it was my finger touching the shutter button. They continued to fly in and away.

Ruby-Throated Hummingbird - Female Feeding
I purchased another feeder yesterday. I'm hoping they'll tell their friends that I make the best nectar in the township. I'm hoping they'll raise their babies and bring them to visit the feeder. I'm hoping they'll stay all summer, and until it's time for them to migrate south for the winter...and then, I hope they'll once again return to the farm.

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Supergoof said...

I hope it too!

Nancy said...

I hope so too. I would love to see some more pictures. Heading to my quilt room to see if I can get something done. I have been in a depressed mood lately and spend my time doing nothing.

Kris said...

Fabulous post!! I am so jealous!! I wonder if there are hummingbirds on the Oregon coast?

Createology said...

Excellent photos of your lovely Hummingbirds. I just know they are so very grateful for your delicious "Best in the Township" nectar. Pretty soon both of your feeders will be busy. Mother Nature is Amazing. Be certain not to run out of sugar and water dear...<3

C Reeder PhxAz said...

We have them in Phoenix too - even in the heat. I love the colors of them. We have two feeders right by our breakfast table on the patio. If we sit quietly they will come right up near us - like hi! Thanks for breakfast- and go eat. It's incredible. Their tiny bodies are such a testament to Gods creation. (paracletedesigns@gmail.com)

heartsease54 said...

You build it and they will come. And they will return next year too. It does drop off a bit when the wildflowers really get going, then picks up again before they get ready to head south. If you wear red outside, they will probably buzz you too.

tja said...

Hummer's are no fools. Once they find a good home they stick to it and yes they raise their young in close proximity and they too will return. I treasure our hummer nest that blew out of its older home many years ago in a storm.

When my boys were little on our property and playing ball which they played like wild men, they happened upon a hummer sitting on the ground while looking for their ball. I never knew what they would come running up to me with in their hands - I was always leery but they had no fear. Imagine my surprise when I get a look MOM we found this and they open their hands and well there is a hummer sitting just pretty as you please. Speechless I am not sure what to do other than retrieve him and see if I can figure out the problem. No broken anything no desire to eat though and no energy so I call the game warden who promptly tells me that I am breaking federal law to keep the hummer. Rather indignantly I asked him just what would he have me to do?? Once we got the legalities out of the way, he gave me a list of hummingbird rehabilitators. Only one in Nashville thought they might have an idea what was up but we had to wait for him to return. After a few days we were able to leave our little guy - turns out our little guy was a diabetic due to the premade nectars with the dye's in them. He was kept for the entire summer, banded and released when it was time for migration. While he never returned to us, he did return to Nashville and the clinic he spent the summer with. They also kept up with him and were able to learn much especially how deadly the premade hummingbird nectar is for hummers. I am very grateful that you published the recipe.

Our guy was a dream to care for, once he got used to us he would just sing and chatter away plus he loved to be held. It was one of those rare moments in life that you know will never repeat itself and we treasured every moment.

I would recommend that you put some chairs close by, sit and enjoy. In time they will absolutely pay you no mind. My Dad had dozens on his back porch - it was one of his favorite things to sit and enjoy them. My Aunt has the same thing with her back porch. We were sitting with her this past weekend and my husband got fussed out until he sat somewhere else and my Aunt sat in her chair. Be prepared to be buzzed, talked to and looked at - they are very curious.

BTW they love bee balm, petunias, holly hocks, jasmine, honeysuckle, English roses, and hibiscus (you can get them for colder zones - I am 7)


Mandy said...

How delightful! You are lucky to have such wonderful little birds visiting your home.


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