June 8, 2017

The Earth Laughs In Flowers...

Hickory Hill Farm - Rhubarb

I didn't want to overload you with yard photos yesterday, so I'm doing one more post (this week)  about more of the wonders here at the farm.

Remember we picked up rhubarb roots to start our own patch here (generously given by the friend of Shelly's brother, Craig)? Well, it's been about two weeks, and look how happy they are! We won't harvest any more this year so that the hills will get a head start for next season. We can wait to make sure they'll be nice and healthy in 2018.

New Bluebird Houses

Last weekend, we picked up two new bluebird houses to install on our fence. The line of trees on the other side of the tall grass (behind the fence) is actually our shared lot line with Shelly and Andy, but this fence supports the gorgeous flowers that have been blooming in front (and through) it. It's a perfect place for the Hickory Hill bluebirds to raise their families.
Irises and White Columbines

A walk over to the fence was a chance to photograph some of the newest flowers so I could share their beautiful colors with you. The irises are higher than waist high to me, and the lovely white columbines are nearly as tall. Together they make a stunning display.

Bluebird House, Wild Phlox and Bleeding Hearts

While I was taking a few up-close photos of the bluebird houses and flowers, I saw a bumblebee drinking from the blossoms. It quickly flew away before I could be a shot of him/her, but then I saw more movement. At first glance, I thought it was just a big flying bug, but I was thrilled when I realized what it actually was.

Hummingbird Moth

I was witnessing my very first, real, live hummingbird moth. The wings moved just like the little bird it mimics, and it moved from blossom to blossom drinking in the nectar in the same manner.

Hummingbird Moth
If you look closely, you'll even see the long, beak-like proboscis that makes it possible to reach far into each flower. It's a truly wonderful creature, and I hope that more join this one.
Every single day here reveals new and wondrous things. Handsome, the dogs and I are so blissfully happy here. We love our northern home, the land, and we've been blessed with caring and generous neighbors. It's also been great to be near family and friends. We're having a grand time making new memories. 

"A gentle fire, a little food, and an immense quiet."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson
I believe we have fully achieved this here at Hickory Hill Farm.

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Createology said...

Making memories is a wonderful way to enJOY your beautiful Hckory Hill Farm. Everything is a new discovery and adventure to be enJOYed fully. Happiness is shown in your photos and your Home Sweet Home blog posts dear. <3

mray said...

I am so very pleased for all of YOU. You have truly found JOY! Thank you so much for sharing your happy place!!


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