June 12, 2017

A Productive Weekend...

Tag Enjoys Surveying Our Yard

We accomplished so much over the weekend! On Friday night, I listed all of our empty moving boxes that we'd stored in our machine shed. I put the listing up on Facebook's "Marketplace" advertising over 200 (I know there were more like 300) moving boxes and packing materials, FREE; First come, first served. I was immediately contacted by a police officer from Fond du Lac who came and took all of them by mid-morning Saturday.

I also purchased (and planted) the lavender and chamomile plants I said I wanted to add to our bed next to the house. In addition, I found an Obedient plant, foxglove, and dill plants that I added. That bed is now complete.

Handsome and I tackled the rest of the cardboard in the machine shed to prepare it for our township recycling facility, and that will all go this week.

Add to that, laundry (which I love hanging out on the line); washing windows; and Handsome and me mowing our lawn, I'd say we got quite a lot accomplished.

Sunset Falling Over The Hickory Hill Barns

As the sun set over our barns, we lit up the grill for dinner and reflected on a productive weekend. We'll be making a new list for this week. (I've made up another set of spice racks that we'll install soon; and we need to add shelves in our clothes closets, too.) 
I'll be shipping out Etsy orders this morning, and I will be sewing by the end of the week - if not sooner. I'm looking forward to another joyful week on the farm.

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Sharon J. Hughson said...

You sound happier and happier. I'm happy for you.

Createology said...

My heavens you and Handsome are quite the team and got so much accomplished. Making Hickory Hill Farm your forever Home Sweet Home...Priceless! <3

Jacque. said...

Sounds like you're getting settled and things into shape. Good for you...I know what a huge undertaking that can be. I love looking at the photos of your place. xo


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