June 20, 2017

Tuesdays With Tag - The Drive-In...

Gilles in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

 Hi, Everybody!
Yesterday, Mom, Dad, Boo and I went to our favorite place in Fond du Lac (Wisconsin).

We had all gone to Appleton to pick up Dad's amplifier for his stereo system, but instead of goin' the short way home on the east side of the lake, we headed right down the west shore to go to Gilles. (Mom says it "Gillies")

Pullin' In To Our Parkin' Spot

Gilles is a great drive-in place that's only open durin' the nice weather. Sometimes they would open up to sell custard for one day around Christmas, but usually, they're only open when it's nice.

Tag Knows Where We Are

Dad chose a great parkin' spot, close to the kitchen so I could watch them makin' our lunch. Those guys really scurry around in there. They were busy makin' ice cream cones, burgers and fries. Bella and I could smell 'em from our car.
Gilles Kitchen

There's plenty of space in there for lots of people to work. That's a good thing, 'cuz the parkin' lot is full most of the time. There are cars in the parkin' lot from the time they open until the time they close. Their food is that good - and Mom says they've been in business for a long, long time...like since before she was a teenager. That's like a 100 years in dog years!

Bella's On To Our Plan, Too

Boo was interested in the menu board. She asked Dad if she could have some custard, but he didn't want her to get an upset stomach. We always get a french fry (or two), but ice cream would be pushin' it. Even so, it didn't hurt to ask.
I'll Have One Of Everything Please

I love those french fries, but truthfully, I wouldn't have minded a whole hamburger to myself. Dad said, "Absolutely not! You'll barf." hee hee. He's probably right. I've never had a whole hamburger, and I'm not sure I'd know what to do with one, even if I stole it off a plate! 

Our Cute Carhop

Our carhop was a really nice girl named Monica. She was so friendly when she came to the car. She saw me and said, "He's so cute!" I liked her right away. She knows "cute" when she sees it. Bella stood up when she started talkin' to me, so she talked all sweet to Boo, too.

We'll Be Back!

Of course, I got right in on the action when she brought the food to our truck. After Dad paid her, she handed him a treat for the Black Dog and me. Oh, yeah. Mine was tasty, and Bella must have liked hers, too. She didn't spit it out or anythin'.

I'm lookin' forward to the next time we go there. I hope Monica is there to wait on us. Mom said we won't be back for a while. We don't go to Fond du Lac very often. We mostly head toward Plymouth and Sheboygan, but we decided it's okay to go to Gilles every once in a while. I hope next time, Dad let's me order. I'll make sure there are some pupper-friendly additions to our meals!

Thanks for stoppin' by today. I know. You're hungry now, right? 

I'll see you again in seven. 'til then...  
"Chase A Dream - Or A Squirrel".

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Buttons said...

Sure looked like a fun stop. Great menu...I can taste that ice cream right now!

Createology said...

I love those old-fashioned drive-ins. This one looks like a winner. I love Ice Cream and could live on it forever. Happy Snackin Tag...<3

heartsease54 said...

And those prices looked pretty good too Tag. $3.80 for a double cheeseburger!

TerriSue said...

Oh my goodness, I hadn't thought of Gilles in a long time Tag. Thank you for the happy trip down memory lane today. Their frozen custard was so good!


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