January 9, 2018

Tuesdays With Tag - My Winter Attire...

Tag's New Sweater

Hi, Everybody!

First - That's not Batman's shadow behind me. Those are my awesome ears!

You may notice that I'm wearin' clothes this week. Yeah. Mom was shoppin' again. We're gettin' used to our first cold winter in Wisconsin, and last week was pretty flippin' cold. Mom got my new bed, which I showed you last week, and then she decided I could use a sweater. I wasn't sure about it at first, but I love my new bed, so what the heck. I could give this a go.

Tag's Sweater With Duck Detail

What do you think? Do I still look handsome, or is my ducky sweater too much? I do admit that it keeps me a little warmer runnin' errands than without it. I'm not sure I like the giggles I get when I put it on, though. (Unless it's a cute girl or a little kiddo.)

Taggart, Modelin' My Sweater

Mom said she's gonna need one for Bella when she gets here, too. The temperature change will be more of a shock for her since she's been slackin' off in warm Florida! She better get her own, 'cuz I'm definitely not sharin' mine!

I'm glad it's warmer this week. The snow is meltin' and the sun is shinin'. Mom says it might be the January Thaw...whatever that is! Either way, I'll take it! I can wear my sweater later, when it gets cold again. Because, you know...it's gonna get cold again!

I've gotta run. I just saw that rascally rabbit. Last night, I chased it all the way up into the woods. I had to come runnin' back when Mom barked at called me. I was pretty close to gettin' it, too! Oh, well...there's always tomorrow. wink

I'll see you again in seven. 'til then...  
"Chase A Dream - Or A Squirrel".

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Createology said...

Tag Dear you look positively Dashing in your new Ducky Sweater. I am certain all the Preppy Corgi’s are wearin these in the frigid Winter Temps y’all are experiencing! Stay warm and keep havin that rascally wabbit...xo

laura dowdall said...

It’s a very fine coat Tag,keep you nice and warm.x

TerriSue said...

Tag, I think you look absolutely handsome. Uhh can I say that being as it is a tag of someone else in the family. Oops there I go again...I just can't seem to get this right tonight. Your ears are awesome.


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