January 5, 2018

Something "Old" - Something New...

Meyer Lemons

I made something new yesterday. I made Meyer Lemon Curd from beautiful, flavorful, slightly sweet Meyer lemons. Goodness! It was time consuming, but definitely worth the effort. The taste is incredible, and it immediately transported me to sw Florida!

The sugar used in the recipe was infused with the zest I grated from the lemon skins. That's where my work began.

Juicing Meyer Lemons

After zesting the lemons, I juiced them by hand. Have I told you before how much I enjoy the fragrance of citrus? I do! It's one of my favorite smells...right next to freshly mown grass, puppy breath, and chocolate chip cookies. But I digress...

Making Curd

Everything, including lots of eggs, was combined and tended for what seemed like forever, until the curd finally set. Once it was poured into sterilized jars, I placed the containers in the canner for the proscribed time and pulled three beautiful jars out of the water when it was ready.

Hickory Syrup and Meyer Lemon Curd
I also put up nine more bottles of hickory syrup, which is already listed in my shop. I posted this photo on my Facebook page late in the day, and the jars of curd sold almost immediately! (I haven't even planned to sell it, so I was surprised.) I guess I'll need to make more.
It was nice to be making delicious things in the kitchen yesterday, but I'm looking forward to working on something in the studio. I have a few ideas, but I think I need to make a list of priorities. I have handwork projects, a Wooly Critter quilt to complete, a block or two left in the Kathy Schmitz set, more selvage blocks to make, and the Farmer's Wife quilt to complete! Whew! I think 2018 should could be the year I finish all those UFO's.  

I don't want to overwhelm myself thinking about that right now. I think for now, I'll bask in the glow of my lemony yellow curd for now.


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Createology said...

Citrus freshly zested and squeezed is also one of my favorite smells. Your kitchen and you are producing some amazing and delicious items. You certainly do have quite the list of projects for studio time...I believe you will accomplish all of them and more dear. For now...bask in the Lemony light of citrus aromas...<3

laura dowdall said...

I wish I lived closer,I could just do with some of that lemon curd,it looks delicious.x


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