January 11, 2018


Stitching Out Corgi Embroidery

I was stitching out the embroidery for my next commission - a corgi tote -  and decided that I'd make another right away for one of my crossbody wallets (for stock). This one stitched out like a dream, but I think I waste time switching the threads between colors, so I thought I'd try something different (after the first one was done).

Destiny With Off-Machine Thread Holder

I have a wooden thread stand that holds a total of fourteen threads, so I instead of setting up one thread at a time, I only have to pull the thread from there to the machine. It would go faster that way. I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

Oops! Bobbin Thread Showing In Front

I'm glad you asked. Something happened to the tension in my stitches. This is the only thing that changed, so I guess I'll have to go back to the "old" way. sigh Yes. I threw this one out. I was twenty three minutes into a thirty five minute design...and all that thread...now in the trash. Back to the drawing board (so to speak).
I Got One Done
As least one is finished. I'll give it another go today. I have to make this work because I have another commission where the design has to be stitched directly onto a finished item. I can't have this glitch happening on that! 
I'll be troubleshooting this morning until Destiny can do her thing without errors. Wish me luck, please. I have projects that need finishing. 

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Createology said...

I DO wish you luck with all those threads. 1 is sometimes too much for me...let alone 14!!! Completed Corgi looks beautiful dear. JOYful Stitching...<3


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