November 23, 2018

Creating In The Kitchen...

Peanut Butter Bars Image and Recipe via
This weekend will be spent in the kitchen. I'm making this recipe for Reese's Peanut Butter Bars from I've made this recipe multiple times and it's a huge hit with everyone who's tasted it. It's become our new favorite.

I'll also be making multiple loaves of my Banana Nut Bread recipe. I shared this recipe with you before HERE. I have bananas just waiting to reach their full potential in my bread. (translation: they're so ripe, they're almost slipping out of their skins. Perfect for my recipe!) I also use our tasty hickory nuts in the batter.
We also need bread, now that Handsome is feeling better. There will be fresh, homemade bread in the kitchen, too, this weekend. My sandwich bread recipe yields two loaves, and will hold us over to next weekend.

I love this time of year because cranberries go on sale. I picked up jalapenos, so I'll be making up a batch of Cranberry-Jalapeno Jam from a recipe I found HERE.

Finally, I've only got one or two bottles of Hickory Hill Farm Hickory Syrup left from Thursday's batch, so I'll brew and bottle more for stock (and personal use!) today or tomorrow.

Next weekend is my niece's annual holiday cookie exchange, so next week, I'll be making cookies to take to the party. Last year I made White Wing Dove cutout cookies. I've got something in mind for this year, but won't lock in my decision until later next week. Check back later, so you can see what I'm making.

So, you can see I'm going to be busy in the kitchen. Oh, and our new freezer arrived yesterday! We're really happy with it. It's a Frigidaire upright, and we can see it's going to really come in handy. We won't need to worry about running out, if the weather is too "Wisconsin-y". lol

Our turkey dinner was delicious yesterday. Day late or not, it was exactly as we'd planned...and the leftovers will be just as tasty. Hmmm. Would it be bad to have a turkey and dressing sandwich for breakfast?

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  1. Excellent way to spend a cold rainy the kitchen baking and making delicious edibles. Yummy Tummy’s ahead...<3


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