November 8, 2018

Waiting With Needlework...

Kathy Schmitz Squirrel Embroidery
When my friend, Kathy D. and I decided to do these "My Little..." series from Kathy Schmitz, we chose the color of crackle fabric and thread we were going to use for each of ours. I chose this color fabric, and the brown thread. I promptly stitched out the first embroidery in brown (an acorn and oak leaf design), and set it aside.

When I next went to work on the minis, I pulled the pattern, fabric and black thread. Then I stitched out these three designs from the sets. It wasn't until yesterday morning when I pulled out the basket with all my supplies, that I realized I had two spools of brown thread tucked in my basket. 

I looked back at my first embroidery, and that's when I realized my mistake. I really do like the brown better for this project, so while I waited in the hospital today, I stitched another one of the three I did in the wrong color. It reaffirmed my decision to go with the brown. 

I'll quickly redo the other two, and then I'll have them all corrected so I can proceed to new designs. I've taken the black thread out of my sewing box so I can avoid grabbing the wrong one by accident. I'll make something fun with the three that were done in black thread. Maybe they'll become a Christmas gift for someone on my list.

Handsome underwent surgery yesterday. I didn't know it was imminent until I spoke with him in the morning. I quickly got to the hospital so I could be there when the surgeon arrived to explain the procedure. He came through the surgery with flying colors, but he's understandably uncomfortable. I'll be back at the hospital today - where I should be. I'll take along my needlework to keep my hands busy while I tend to my dear husband. "It's what we do."


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Sharon J. Hughson said...

Sending out good vibes to you and handsome!

Createology said...

Oh Dear...Handsome must be relieved that he will soon be better than new. Healing energy is sent along. Your stitching is sew perfect...the brown is lovely. Blessings on your family my friend...<3


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