December 31, 2014

Happy New Year 2015...

It's the first day of the new year and I'm so looking forward to the 
next 365 days. I see many new and wonderful adventures ahead
for Handsome and me, and Tag will surely be along for the ride.

 I'm already in the studio today, completing a few projects that
went unfinished last year, and I'm making a list of the other 
UFOs that are waiting for my hand. What a great way to begin
a new year...doing what I love best, while my husband and pup
are in the other room watching football and relaxing at home.
The other thing I've already done is chosen my word for 2015.
Image from Desert
Last year, I chose "Grace"...little knowing how the year would end. This year I have chosen "Joy". Mom (Grace) is surely smiling at my choice. She would love that I've chosen joy to follow the sorrow of her loss. I've chosen joy to guide me through the next year.

These definitions will guide me as I pursue joy in 2015...As a noun, joy means a feeling of great pleasure and happiness or a thing that causes joy. As a verb, joy is to experience great pleasure or delight.  
Could you even imagine a day that was filled only with pure joy? This is my ambition. As my blog header states, "Thoughts on a joyful and creative life". I will seek to find as much joy as I'm able in every single day. Then, I'll do my best to share that joy with you in my daily blog posts. 

Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year...
with many days filled with Joy

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Buttons said...

Perfect... Happy, Healthy New Year! Xoxo

Patty said...

Happy New Year and the hope that it is a joyful one !

Createology said...

Joy seems such a simple word yet it has such a powerful feeling for us. May you truly have JOY in all your daily doings. Love and Joy My Friend...

Kris said...

Happy, happy 2015, Donna!! And I think JOY is a most wonderful pursuit for this new year and beyond!!

TerriSue said...

What a wonderful word Donna, much more meaningful than "happy". I've never understood the pursuit of happiness whereas the Pursuit of Joy is a God Thing.


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