December 26, 2014

It Was A Magical Day...

I'm back to tell you what a wonderful time Mom, Dad and I are havin' with our family! It was just my most favorite Christmas ever!

I had so much fun with our grandkids and their folks that I had a hard time behavin' myself. Mom took lots of pictures that we have to edit, but we're sharin' two of our favorite pictures today. The first one is of me with Mom and Dad. Can you tell I'm watchin' my kids here? There may have been snacks involved, too. I couldn't say for sure.
This one is another favorite...Mom and Dad with our three grandkids.

What more is there to say? It just doesn't get much better than this. Our little red-haired granddaughter loved the jammies she got from us so much that she wore them all day! We thought that was cute. After all, she was home all day and probably the most comfy of all of us. Grandma likes it when our grandkids like her jammies so much they don't want to take them off.

We hope all of you had a wonderful day yesterday. Of course, we're gonna continue to celebrate today and for the rest of the weekend...and you can count on seein' more pictures, too. Mom said somethin' about Boxin' Day today. I'm hopin' it doesn't have anythin' to do with gettin' punched! (She assured me it doesn't.) Just in case...I've gotta run!


  1. Tag, I'm betting your Mom and Dad had a magical day, too! Merry Merry!

  2. These are the best photos showing how truly happy you all are to be together and sharing holiday magic. How fun to spend the day in new jammies that Grammie has made for you. Keep Smiling Tag...

  3. oh how fun! Glad you are with family. xo

  4. wonderful photos; glad y'all had a great Christmas and the jammies look cozy and warm.


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