December 15, 2014

Tuesdays With Tag - A Guy's Gotta Eat...

Hi, Everybody!
 Road Trip!!!!
Mom's been so busy in the studio that I had to tug on her leg, keel over like I
was dyin' and grab my collar to tell her we needed more dog food. We were
almost out, and you know, a Corgi can't be worryin' about runnin' out of food!
We got in the car and headed over to our new supplier of delicious
dinners and treats. The name of our new store is "Cats n Dogs".
I'm not crazy about the "cats" part, but they sure know how to treat me!

The lady behind the counter was really nice. She gave me two
  treats after I gave her my paw. She was really impressed by
my politeness...and my cute face, and my ears! (I'm not sure
exactly what she meant about that!) I was on my best behavior.
She even gave me a Christmas gift! It's a bag-full of goodies! Now,
let's see...biscuits, a sample of canned dog food, and a bunch more!

I've gotta run, guys! I lookin' forward to tuckin' into my treats. I've
got a real surprise for you next week, and you won't want to miss it!
'til then...
"Wag Like You Mean It!"


  1. Oh Dear Tag you cannot have a Corgi Cupboard become bare. Thankfully you got to the store just in the "Nick" of time. You should get treats as you are the cutest of them all...mirror mirror.
    Now Mom can get back to her sewing and gift creating. Tail Waggin Bliss...

  2. Aren't you always on your best behavior Tag?
    Aunt TerriSue


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