December 4, 2014

More Cake...

Last night, I went to an early Birthday party for our friend, David's mother. A ONE HUNDREDTH Birthday party for Norma. (We're not talking dog years here, either, boys and girls.)

Norma certainly enjoyed being the center of attention, and I attended as our family rep because Handsome couldn't go.
The lady of the hour graciously posed with everyone who came to celebrate her.

Her funny story (after taking the mike to thank everyone for their attendance) is one I just have to share with you because it's so cute.

According to Norma:
"I recently had a young visitor come to my home. She told me that it was her Birthday that day, so I asked her how old she was. She replied that she was ten years old. I then told her that I was going to be 100 years old. She smiled and went outside to play for a while. I little later she came back in, looked at me and said, "Did you start from one?"

I swear, this story could end up in Reader's Digest! Of course, all of her guests couldn't help be laugh with delight at her tale.
It was most wonderful for me to share a meal and time with David's wife, Laura. We reminisced about him and what a joy he was to all who were blessed to have known him. It only seemed right to be able to honor his mother as he would have.
Her Birthday is actually in early January, but the organizer of the party was not going to be able to attend a January gathering, so he chose yesterday's date instead. I guess compared to Norma, I'm an amateur at the Extended Birthday. (She's got 40 years on me, after all.) You see, Norma is throwing her own party in January. That makes twenty nine days of celebrating. Fine by me. More cake!

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Mandy said...

How wonderful to have an extended 100th birthday. Norma sounds such a delightful person, and what a lovely story to be able to share. I did smile at the puzzled 10 year old. Ten does feel so big and important at that age, and a century an almost impossibly long time to be alive. Like you, I am a mere youngster compared to Norma - having enjoyed my 60th in March.

Andi's English Attic said...

That's a great story. I shall be telling it around the Christmas table. :)
That lady does NOT look 100. Wow!

Sewing In CT said...

Love that story! Lots of good things to look forward to. Have a great weekend!

Createology said...

Happy Birthday Norma! 100 looks beautiful and amazing!! Out of the mouths of babes...priceless. Celebrating every day is a blessing indeed.

jenann said...

Happy Birthday Norma!
I wouldn't have thought you were a day over 70!
What an elegant and beautiful lady.

Sharon said...

She is beautiful! What a sweet post, Donna. Belated happy birthday to you too.


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