December 23, 2014

It's Christmas Eve...

Hi, Everybody!
It's me again. Aren't you glad to see me?

Well, it's Christmas Eve so I had to come back to tell you my secret.
Mom and Dad got all the presents wrapped and then, Mom said
she wanted me to pose like a little elf in front of some of them.
She got me an elf hat, too, but you can be happy she didn't share it
with you. I looked like a real dork wearin' it, so I said, "NO way!".

I was happy to smile, though. Mom said I look "cute handsome".
Well, here's the surprise part...
Mom and Dad decided that we should go to Wisconsin for Christmas!

So, we got in the car on Monday mornin' and drove to Chattanooga, 
Tennessee the first day, and drove all the way to Wisconsin yesterday!
Dad even let me be a co-pilot for a little while. I liked the view, too.
We drove over 800 (!) miles yesterday, and we stopped for walkie
 breaks, but I was startin' to ask "Are we there yet?" after a while.
We got really tired and were glad to finally get to our destination.

We're so excited, 'cuz we're gonna get to see our family for Christmas!
So, there you have it. Our big surprise! I'm so proud of myself for
not tellin' ahead of time. Mom said I'm really good at keepin' secrets.

Merry Christmas Eve, Everybody!
I hope Santa grants all your wishes, and that you have a great time
celebratin' the real reason for the season. (I don't mean presents, either!)


  1. Yay! I'm so excited for you! How wonderful to be with family for Christmas! Tag, I don't know when I have seen you look cuter! Merry Christmas to you and your mom and dad! Love, Twyla

  2. Tag you are the cutest of the Realm. I love your red and green star sparkle collar. I am very thankful you co-piloted mom and dad safely to Wisconsin. Merry Christmas Eve Cutie Corgi...

  3. The collar is smart,Hope you have the best Christmas ever
    Merry Christnas Laura

  4. Welcome to Wisconsin! Tag, you are one good secret-keeper! Merry Christmas to you and yours. xo

  5. Tag! You look so fantastic in your fancy collar! I hope you get some snow in Wisconsin! At my house we have rain, rain, rain. My sister calls me "mudbug". I have had a LOT of baths! Tell your Mom and Dad Merry Christmas and give them some wet kisses from me! XXOO from your specialist girl friend Quinn

  6. I love that last photo in the post - Tag looks so very very happy. Do have a really wonderful time with your family this Christmas, Donna. I feel sure you will all have such a very happy time together.


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