December 26, 2014

They Remembered...

Hi, Everybody!

Christmas was all hustle and bustle and I thought it was best to just stay out of the way. Mom chirped at me and took pictures, but there was a lot of colored paper and bows flyin' around. My people were happy and that's always fun for me, too.
Then, I sniffed out a package that was labeled for ME! Inside were some Bully chewies (don't ask). I got one and it was delicious! Then, I got this great Christmas tree chew toy. 

You know what that means...a guy's gotta CHEW! Well, at least until the first white filling shows through. After that, Mom took it away from me so no one would see me completely gut it right then and there. She said I should at least wait until we get home before I wreck it! I figured it was best not to argue with her.
Christmas has come to an end for us this year, but we'll still hang around a bit for a few other celebrations. I'm gonna see some of my dog pals tonight and then we'll be headin' back home to Florida. I'll be back next week for my regular Tuesday post, but Mom will be back before then to chat.

It's time to rest and enjoy our Wisconsin winter's sight.
From our family to yours, God Bless and Good Night.


  1. Tag you look like a Calendar Corgi Cutie on that "bear skin rug" in front of the warm fireplace. You could easily be the "centerfold"! Enjoy family and frivolities my friend...

  2. Sounds like great fun you're having, Tag! So happy you are having a great Christmas here in Wisconsin.

  3. Tag! You look so pawsome on that rug! Isn't a fire great? We haven't even had one because it is so warm out. I went in the lake yesterday! I didn't even get cold! XXOO Quinn

  4. Gosh, you're just the cutest little thing in that Christmas collar! So happy to hear you're having a great time. Wish everybody a very happy belated Christmas for me and have a safe trip back home! xo :)

  5. Tag, sounds like you had the perfect Christmas!! I'm so glad you got some chewies!!!


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