December 17, 2014

Still Sewing, Can't Talk...

Actually, I do always sew gifts for the holidays. You already know that.
 I'd love to sit and chat with you today, but I'm a little busy.

I have a doctor's appointment first thing today, and then finishing up a few
 things before I'm ready for Christmas. I may add more if there's enough time.

Here's what I have left:
3 sets of Grammie's Jammies
Bind one table runner and one lap quilt
1 (more) eye mask
2 zippered kit bags
If I have "extra" time:
2 - 3 more wallets
3 gift card holders
If you ask me, I'm doing pretty well! I have three days by my calculations.
I know some of you are laughing right now. I don't have time to post photos, 
but I will get pictures of everything before I wrap the projects for delivery.

How are you coming with your lists?

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Jacque. said...

You go, girlfriend! Yes, laughing. But, no doubt that you'll get done what you need to. Have fun while you're at it.

Buttons said...

Terribly behind, although I really did try to start early. You are amazing donna! :) ps. Did you know this guy lives here in vermont??? Who knew!

Createology said...

Oh you are sew amazing. I would be a stone-cold wreck with that list of yours. No talking for you...just sew Donna sew! Looking forward to photos.
P.S. I know Tag will remind you to walk around and stretch from time to time...and give him treats.

Jennifer M. said...

Good Luck on your list. I'm hoping to make some of those teeny zipper bags for last minute gifts next week!


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