December 3, 2014

Something Fun...

I'm five years old...
I was sorting through photos a while back and came across this one of me when
I was five years old. I love the expression on my face. Even then I was confident.
I'm thirty years old...
I realized that it was a similar pose to this one, which came from a modeling 
session for Handsome's photography students in 1984. I was thirty years old.
I'm sixty years old...
  I asked Handsome to take a photograph of me, thirty years later, in (sort of) the
same pose. He was happy to oblige, and we had fun trying to get the right shot.
I shared these with my Facebook friends yesterday and really enjoyed their
reactions. My friend, Meri W. said she thought my sixty year old self more
closely resembled the expression on my five year old self. I like that a lot.
The observation I made was that it was more difficult to get my neck back to
it's normal position after posing. Hmm. I hadn't noticed that in previous years! 
We might continue this every ten years, or even make it an annual tradition. 
All three next to each other (just for fun)...
 I had a wonderful day with Handsome (and Tag) yesterday...perfect from start
 to finish. There were flowers, Birthday Cake!!, and gifts. Tag even delivered the
cards from Handsome and him. He was adorable running up to me with them in
his mouth. It was great to start the day giggling, and just got better by the minute.
Thank you to everyone who left a comment for me here, or on Facebook. 
It was so much fun to have my day peppered with your lovely thoughts and 
Birthday wishes. I am always grateful for your friendship, whether near or far.
Knowing that you visit, read and comment are gifts that continue to bless me.
You're the best!

4 friends clicked here to leave a note for me:

Mandy said...

What lovely photos! A delightful idea to replicate the pose.

Mary said...

You look great at every age!

Createology said...

This is such a fun pose and time span. You are adorable to lovely to adorable and lovely all at the same time. So happy you had a wonderful day with Handsome and Tag celebrating your birthday! Now keep celebrating every day...

Lesley said...

You look so wonderful in all three pictures...I see the same twinkle in your eyes! Happy Birthday!


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