December 29, 2014

Tuesdays With Tag - Southbound...

Hi, Everybody!
Once again, I'm comin' to you from "The Road".
Let's have a little flashback on my day, shall we?
This is how I spent most of it. I was in my favorite corner of the back seat
just mindin' my own business. I was (once again) disturbed by Mom's 
iPhone clickin' away. Man! Doesn't the woman have enough pictures of me
already without interrupting my nap? I suppose next she'll be sayin', "Smile!".
I couldn't take more of that, so I decided to stick my head in the corner.
"I vant to be alone" kept runnin' through my head.

Well, except for special stops so I could answer the call of nature, this was
how I spent my day. It's quite comfy actually. We always bring my own bed.
As the day was comin' to a close, Mom really wanted to share our view.
It was about 35º, which was a lot warmer than what we left in Wisconsin (12º).
It made the clouds really poufy and interesting. Add the sun droppin' toward the
horizon and it really was worth takin' a few photographs. This was over a marsh.
Within minutes, the sky was turnin' red.
This was the last shot over the Ohio River before the sun went down.
Dad drove over 5 million miles today. We were all ready to stop and feed me.

Our goal is to be home and tucked in well before the drinkin' and drivin' starts
on New Year's Eve.  I'm pretty sure we're gonna make that with time to spare.

See ya next week. 'til then...
"Wag Like Ya Mean It!"

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Jacque. said...

oh Tag, what a good little travel buddy you are. You know, when you are as cute as you are, it's difficult to not take photos. I know, because I do that with my Tag. ~grin~ Safe travels!

Shirley said...

Tag, Just think of all of the country that you get to see. At least you are warmer then we are because we are only at 9 this morning. I loved the pictures that mom has posted. Travel safe. Hugs and Prayers from your Missouri Friend Shirley

Createology said...

You do have quite the cozy little corner for traveling. That is a beautiful sunset. We had a beautiful sunset last evening as well but of course I had no camera as we were driving "down the hill". Safe travels home Tag and Pilots...


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