December 9, 2014

Blue and White Bliss...

After Thanksgiving, I gave you a little teaser about my latest acquisitions (here).
Although I promised more about it in that following week, I got a little sidetracked.
Better late(r) than never, right?
Just in time for my Birthday, I got a new set of Johnson Brothers china to add
to my collection of British transferware. I love this set which features castles!
It came with a lovely, little serving dish, too. If we're not using the American
"Memory Lane" everyday set, we'll be using these dishes. Any food looks good
on blue and white dishes...and blue and white fits perfectly with our decor.

I actually have another Johnson Brothers coordinating pattern for the soup and
fruit bowls, but just realized that I neglected to photograph them. I'll share those
in a random post in the future. I will say that they have acorns in the border!
I also found this antique British Staffordshire china covered serving dish. Whether 
using our blue and white Spode Wild Bird Hunt set or the blue and white Johnson 
Brothers set, this serving dish will be a standout complementary piece on our table.
The pattern on the inside of the dish also coordinates with our other patterns.
These pieces are all antiques that I've had for years (and the new
serving dish fits right in). They're on display shelves in our kitchen.
I love having them where I can see and enjoy them every day.

I was talking with Aunty Margaret recently and found out that we both
share a love for blue and white china. I never realized that, but was
happy to know. It seems the older I get, the more she and I have in 
common. The fact that we were both born in England was just the start.

It's time to say "goodbye" to all the Hull Brown Drip Ovenware
dishes and serving pieces I have. They're wonderful, and have been
a part of my life since I first moved out of the house at eighteen, 
but I'm looking forward to someone else enjoying them.

What's your favorite pattern or style?
I'd love to know!

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Jane said...

They're just beautiful! Nothing beats blue & white, esp. Johnson Bros. I have way too many sets of dishes so giving some away & offered a former daughter-in-law her choice of 3 sets. Of course, she picked the Johnson! Still have a few pieces to send - it's hard to part with it but I'm happy to give it to someone who also loves it.

carolg said...

So funny. I just gave up my red/white old Britain castles. I've had it about 15 years. It chips so easily. I did hold onto my few red Spode pieces and some of the smaller pieces of the Johnson bros. One thing I like about them is they have so many pieces- little fruit bowls etc. I'm definately a red person!

Createology said...

I admit I do not know "names or styles" of dishes however I do know these blue and white dishes are true love for me! The scenes, the scallops, the blue...I am swooning with the "vapors" of BLISS.
Eat in Peace and Beauty my friend...

Danice said...

Beautiful dishes. The blue and white are favorites :)


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