October 9, 2019

Painted Ladies...

Brynwood Needleworks - Painted Ladies
I'm not sure how far away the really cold weather might be, but the Painted Lady butterflies are getting ready. I purchased a butterfly bush a few weeks ago, and am long overdue to plant it in the ground. That doesn't matter to the butterflies, who have been drinking their fill whenever the weather permits.
I decided it was time to plant it yesterday, so in between waiting for coats of paint to dry, I managed to work in the garden, too. The butterflies and bees fluttered around me as I dug a hole and planted this beautiful bush. I'm hoping that next summer, it will grow tall and be filled with many tasty (for the bees and butterflies) blossoms. I've chosen a sheltered area in the southern exposure, kitchen garden to give it a nice head start before winter.

By the end of the day, the balusters were all painted, and the bush had been planted. I even managed to place a bit more of our mulch, but am planning to get the rest of that done before the snow flies, too. 

I'd hoped to stage the porch with our furniture to take final photos for my "Before and After" post, but we're expecting weather this weekend (possible snow flurries...nooooooo!), so I'm not sure I'll be able to accomplish that. I'm still going to try. Stay tuned...


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Debbie Nolan said...

Donna I see you are enjoying the last of the butterflies as well. Sounds like you are keeping quite busy until the snow flies. Hope your bush does well...they are so fragrant and lovely. Have a good weekend.


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