October 17, 2019

In The Near Future...

Brynwood Needleworks - Shop Hop Custom Insignia
If you're a fan, you know what this is. This one is a special request, and this badge will be machine embroidered onto a black cork Shop Hop Crossbody bag. I'm making a second custom in another fabric at the same time. First up though, I've got two crossbody packs. 
My day will be divided in half today, because we're taking Bella to a specialist. They're going to do x-rays so they can have a good look at her leg and foot to see if she's ready to shed her splint. We're praying that she can ditch the hardware, and also not need surgery of any kind. That's best case scenario.

If she needs a further procedure, they can get her in as early as tomorrow. I'll update her condition tomorrow. If you're so inclined, your best wishes would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.


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suz said...

sending good thoughts and prayers that the splint can come off and Bella will be okay!


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