February 11, 2019

Mystery Solved...

Brynwood Needleworks - Our Larger Opossum

I think I told you that I worried about our two resident opossums while we were away for a month. I was concerned that it was getting too cold for them, and that they may suffer during the sever below zero temps. Would they be holed up under the little hay bale "fort" I made for them near the feeders and the porch, or would they move along to other accommodations? I was anxious to find out when I returned to the farm.

First thing I did when I got back was to fill all the bird feeders. In the past, every time I put out the large, pressed bird seed blocks with tasty grubs mixed in, those 'possums have chowed down on them...even dragging them away to consume elsewhere. The morning after I put that one out, it too, had disappeared!

So, I decided to put out a pie tin, filled with cat food, on the porch (where I could see it from the windows) and wait. In case you're wondering, every time I've seen pictures of "porch 'possums", they've been stealing cat food left out for feral cats. Two nights in a row, now, the larger of the two opossums has visited the pie tin.

Brynwood Needleworks - Opossum Tracks

It snowed all afternoon yesterday, so there was a nice blanket of undisturbed cover in the yard. Because of that, my second question was answered. Now I know where the 'possum(s) go after they have their fill at my little buffet.

Brynwood Needleworks - Closeup Opossum Tracks

Look at the adorable, roly poly path that Fuzzy Butt is leaving as he/she waddles off with a full belly!

Brynwood Needleworks - Sweet Dreams, Fuzzy
Granted, the Compass Barn is not a sealed building. The wind whistles through the boards, but there are sheltered areas inside. There's an area that I use it as my potting shed. It has four walls, a loft above it that creates a (lower) ceiling, and there are places where a critter could tuck in from the wind. 
I'm suspecting that's where the opossum is finding a place to sleep. I may get more hay bales to make another little box-shaped area inside for them, though. You know...something smaller, with four walls and a little hay bale roof. It could be really cozy, right?
We're supposed to get dumped on with a lot of snow in the next couple of days. If the roads are clear before the snow comes, I'll take a little trip to get more hay. Otherwise, I'll leave things as they are until the storm passes, and do it after. It's working so far. I'm glad to know that at least one of our wild friends is okay. I'm hoping to see the smaller one soon, too. I'll keep my eyes open...

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Createology said...

Your Wild Critters are very lucky to have you watching out for them and feeding them and caring for them. Be warm and safe in your next snow storm. We actually had snow last night and it was just right! Only about an inch or so and I was cozy in my home...no steep driveway and no trees to save from heavy snow breaking them and killing them. So grateful to be out of Northern California for so many reasons.


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