June 30, 2015

Pincushions, Pinafores and Other Fun Projects...

I went back through my files over the weekend and 
pulled these photographs from past projects.
I made these as swap gifts for our guild Christmas parties in 2013 and 2014.
I enjoyed combining beautiful fabric, vintage (or new-to-look-like-vintage) buttons and a little ribbonwork or embroidery to create pretty and useful pincushions for someone's favorite sewing or embroidery spot.
They will be my inspiration as I sit down to create new ones for my Etsy shop. I can't tell you how much enjoyment I get creating something that will become a treasured piece in someone elses sewing space.

I'll show you what they look like before they head over to my Etsy shop, but I'm working on a commissioned wallet first. I'll complete that this morning and then make the pincushions for my shop.
Before the end of the week, I'm going to make another dress for our "Dress A Girl Around The World" project, too. (If you've missed my posts about that, you can click HERE to learn more.) What are you working on this week?

Oh, my goodness! It's already the beginning of a new month!!! Where is the time going, anyway? I guess, "Happy July" is in order.

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Laurie said...

All so pretty Donna, treasured gifts by some lucky ladies, for sure! Happy July to you also!

Createology said...

Everything you create is elegant and exceptional. I loved this pincushion the first time I saw it and I still love it! Super cute fabric. High on Life July Dear...

mray said...

Finished creating first little dress this morning. Planning to mail off all to you by the 15th. Our home is finally coming together & I will have more time to make more. I don't have your skill level, however, but will do my best dear Donna. I am in awe of all your creations! Best to you, Marcy

mray said...

I finished creating the first little dress this morning. Our home is finally coming together, so I will have more time to complete more. I do not have your skill level, but I will do my best and mail on the 15th to you. I'm in awe of all your creations. Sending you blessings, Marcy


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