June 21, 2015

It's Monday Already...

Sea Turtles with tongue lock
I did just what I said I would last weekend...I relaxed and spent time with Handsome, Tag and Bella Butt.

I was only in the studio long enough to clean it up, pull a few fabrics for future projects and retrofit this wallet for straps, as requested by its new owner.
Sea Turtles - Interior
First, I had to install grommets into the fold closest to the flap of the wallet. Once the grommets were installed, I created the wrist strap, shoulder strap and key fob in matching fabric. The clasps on each strap will hook through the grommets and, voila! It's no longer a simple wallet, but a complete, handy purse when used with either of the straps. Now, it's ready to go to its new home.
We had a lovely Father's Day. Handsome got calls from our sons and also spoke with our grandchildren. The only way it could have been nicer would have been to have them all around our dinner table.

I can hardly believe that the weekend is over already. I may be one of the few who like Mondays. To me, they're a symbol of a new beginning...a fresh start. Let's see how much I can accomplish this week!


  1. This past weekend was truly a JOYful one. Family is so important and it is nice to honor Father's. I like Mondays too...now that I don't work for a horrible boss. Beautiful Week Ahead Dear...

  2. I enjoy Monday's also, I don't work so it's a week filled with possibilities. Gardening, planting, quilting, what will I start with!? Awesome transformation on the wallet/purse!


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