June 25, 2015

Thursday Projects...

First on my "To Do List" yesterday was to complete a custom order from The Boutique. I love this project, and only wish I had more than a couple of the containers left to make more. I might have to go on a hunt!
So, this is what it looks like all finished. It's packaged up and will go in the mail this morning. It will arrive at its new home very soon. I hope my client loves it when she holds it in her hands, and that it gets a lot of use holding her pins and needles.
So, I got all of Block Six fused - only to find a boo boo down in the lower corner. It was below the original design and as hard as I tried, I couldn't lift it out of the fabric. What's my solution? Extend the branch, of course!

I added the lower, curved branch, blossom and three leaves. Now the boo is covered up and waiting for some stitching. I'm not sure if I can wait to start!

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Createology said...

Beautiful pin cushion and of course I am swooning over your elegant creation. Mr. Owl is stunning in his herringbone tweed. Of course you extended the branch because you are very creative. Summer Sunshine Smiles...


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