June 15, 2015

Tuesdays With Tag - Welcome Back, Bella...

Hi, Everybody!

It was a quiet week around here with Bella gone. We had lots of workers around the place, but I mostly stayed out of their way. So yeah, for me, it was quiet. 

Yesterday, things got right back to normal. No more workers. Dad came home on Sunday, and best of all...Dad went over to Uncle Mike's and brought Bella back home.
This picture was taken on May 9th and Bella weighed about 12 pounds. Before she went to Uncle Mike's, she was up to 17 pounds. I thought it would be a good thing if I showed you this picture so you could see how much she grew while she was away.
Excuse my language, but HoLey Dog Treats Moley! Look at her now? I don't know how much she weighs yet, but I think Uncle Mike musta used more fertilizer or some growy hormoney stuff on her! At the very least, he gave her really great food and took good care of her. She's beautiful!
I guess I'm gonna have to step up to make sure she knows who's boss, even if when she gets taller than me. She's in for a big surprise if she thinks she's gonna push me around...and believe me, she's already tried that. I got all growly and bossy to let her know I wouldn't be puttin' up with that nonsense. Well...then we played. (It was even more fun, now that she's gettin' bigger!)

Truth be told...I'm glad she's back. I've missed her little, puppy self. She's back home and everythin' is back to normal. (Whatever that is!)

I'll see you again in 24! 'til then...
"Keep Your Nose To The Wind 
and The Sunshine On Your Tail."


  1. Well Tag, puppies grow fast!! And she's gonna be a bigun. But I know your sassy self will keep her in line.

  2. ohhhhh...how sweet that you missed her, hey? Tag, you are big softie. xo

  3. Happy Tuesday Tag and Bella! Always a bright spot in my day to hear what you have been up to Tag! Your little friend Bella (who isn't so little anymore) looks like a real sweetie and I am sure you two have wonderful play times together! Stay your sweet self and give my best to Bella and of course Mommy!

    Tina xo

  4. Tag I just knew you would miss Bella and her antics. She did grow a bit. You are a wonderful Big Brother to play and watch out for her so well. Keep Mom and Dad busy while you keep Bella busy re-learning you are the Boss Corgi of the Homestead. Smooches...

  5. Well Tag, I'm glad you have your Bella back! Kinda lonely when she's gone isn't it? Puppyness and all!


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