June 19, 2015

Always Room For A New Idea...

All of these treasures have been packed away for now. They're patiently waiting for their new home. 
I have a reason for showing them to you today, though. See the beautiful, brass acorn in the center? It's a vintage cigarette lighter. Recently, I posted a link on my Brynwood Facebook page that caught my eye. It's a link to a tutorial on Todolwen by a blogger names Karen B.

What she did with a vintage strawberry cigarette lighter is genius...and after we've moved and settled into our new home, I'm going to do something on the same order with my vintage acorn.

Here's the link to her tutorial.
I especially love the little ruffle and blossom she added to her design. I'll be contemplating what embellishments I might use to make mine a little sweeter, too.

Karen has no idea that I'm sharing her tutorial here today, so if you leave a comment for her, I'd appreciate it if you mentioned I sent you.
This is Father's Day weekend, so I'm going to be pampering the best Dad I know...my Handsome husband. I'll spend a little time in the studio, but I've got  a few special things planned to show him how much he's loved and appreciated.
If your Dad isn't around anymore, I hope you have someone in your life that you will pamper. How about a cookout? You can enjoy the weather and celebrate fathers.
Happy Father's Day Weekend.


  1. Lovely acorn collection you have dear. I had no idea of the vintage lighter in an acorn or Karen's strawberry. Hmmm...
    Creative Bliss and June JOY.

  2. I also follow Karen's blog Donna, and wish I could find something like that! It will be fun to see what you do with this one when you're settled in.


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