June 17, 2015

Things Are Coming Together Nicely...

I cut out fabrics for eight little girl dresses yesterday. Now, when I have an hour to spare or I need a portable project for one of the sew-ins, I can grab a couple and go.

I chose sweet, little ducks for babies, and colorful, girly fabrics for bigger children. If you're not on FaceBook getting my notes and updates, but plan to make a dress or two for the project, I'll share some information I received today from our ambassador.

Monica called me today to let me know that their organization is available for help and support as we make our dresses for the Dress A Girl Around The World™ effort. She asked if all of our dresses will be the "pillowcase" style. As we talked, she offered that that style is not the best for the large and extra large sizes shown on their website, as they are too skinny at the bottom for girls to comfortably walk in them. She suggested that we flare them toward the bottom to make them more roomy.

She also told me that we're not limited to the website pattern. We can use any sundress pattern. Their group has developed a pattern of their own and she's generously going to send a set to me that I can share with our members. 
They prefer the tie straps over the elastic option. We should just make sure that they're long enough to have plenty of length to tie them into bows. (See the fabric requirements page on the website for suggested strap lengths.)

They want every dress have a pocket, too. The children will have a place to put things, and they can also tuck Humanitarian Dolls in them. The pattern for the dolls is available HERE, so if you'd like to make and mail dolls, they're welcome contributions, too. You don't have to make a dress to send a doll. Monica said the dolls are a perfect way to use up smaller flannel or soft fabric scraps. (Could you imagine piecing smaller scraps into the 11" square needed to make the blanket for the dolls? Wouldn't that be fun?)

I'm hoping to head up to Orlando in the next month to meet the group that works with our ambassador. I want to see how they operate, in the event that we want to become a regular satellite for them, continuing to create dresses in our area. 
I'm grateful for all the volunteers who have committed to create dresses for our group, and I can see that things really are coming together nicely!


  1. Your fabrics are sew adorable and every little girl will love your dresses. This is such a great project you are undertaking. Thank You Donna Dear...

  2. Hi Donna, I've read over your posts and looked at the web site. Will this be something ongoing, or does it end in July? I have several must do projects right now, and don't think I'd be able to finish one on time, as I'd also like to do more than one. I look forward to your answer, and God Bless You for this undertaking!


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