June 28, 2015

BFF Pincushions...

I always set aside studio time on the weekend, so on Saturday I went to my "bag-o-selvages" with simple trimming on my mind. As I cut away excess fabric, I was inspired to create something. With that, this idea was born.

Perhaps you remember the two-part Mitzpah Coin. You know. The coin that you would share with your BFF. She (or he) wore one half and you wore the other. I seem to remember it having the verse, "May the Lord watch between thee and me, while we are absent, one from the other."
As I was cutting away on the selvages, I found myself thinking of my girlfriend in Wisconsin who used to be my sewing buddy. I was in my early 20s and she, her daughter and I would sew together every single evening after having dinner with her husband and sons.

We were prolific. I worked in a law office during the day and sewed with my girlfriends at night. I had a new business outfit to wear every week! When I moved back to my hometown, I couldn't sit at my sewing machine for over a year. I was lonely for my sewing BFFs.
That's when the idea struck! Why not create something for sewing BFFs? I came up with weighted pincushions that were mirror image of each other...one for one girlfriend and another for her treasured friend. That's how the BFF Pincushion was born. I was off and running.

The pincushions measure approximately 4" wide by 8" long. They're made with fabric selvages and filled with crushed walnut shells. Not only do the walnut shells sharpen your pins and needles with use, but they prevent the pincushion from scooting around on your table, too.
I managed to finish three sets this past weekend, and have added these to my Etsy shop. I'll add more as I make time to sew them. 
I'm also going to do a couple other variations on the theme. I'll show you as they come off the assembly line. With all the ideas for BFF Pincushions swimming around in my head right now, the sky's the limit!
I have a lot going on this week, but there's always time to be in the studio. Don't forget to take time to pursue your creative muse, too. Everyone needs to set aside time to "get your craft on"! 
After all, "Seven Days Without Crafting Makes a Person Weak"! 
(I know...groan...I couldn't resist.)


  1. What a great idea, Donna! And, anything made with selvage pieces fascinate me!!

  2. How very clever of you to create BFF Pincushions. Your designs with the selvages are uber fun. Sewing is a wonderful and relaxing way to spend time. Fabulous week to you dear...

  3. I love this idea. I have a small box of selvedges (not enough to colour coordinate) but I am going to make a small christmas decoration for my BFF who is turning 50 this year. I only use my selvedges for ATC cards so this is a nice idea.

  4. Donna I just love your sweet pincushions made with selvage pieces! When buying a Fat Quarter I am always in hope to receive the piece with the writing so must look through my stash and plan to make one too! You are so creative and thank you for the idea.


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