June 4, 2015

Hustle and Bustle Around Here...

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It was a busy day here yesterday. There were painters working outside to spruce up the entry and they'll be back today to do a couple of jobs inside.
I decided I just don't have the fortitude to get up and down the ladder to do the work myself anymore. We called in the pros this time to get it done quickly. I'll share photos when they're finished (which I expect will be today.)
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When I wasn't checking on the guys, I was doing laundry and packing a box or two. I'd rather do it bit-by-bit while we have the time, than be rushed when the house sells. Plus, we're having another open house a week from Sunday and I fully intend to be rid of more than a little stuff before then.

After the painting is finished and I restage the room they're doing, I'll post photos here so you can see the nice "before" image and compare it to the new, neutral "after" image. I think you might like it!

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Createology said...

You are wise to have someone else do the painting work. We just finished our bathroom and large hallway and I would honestly say I am too old and infirmed to be doing any of this type of labor. Looking forward to seeing your photos. June JOY...


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