June 12, 2015

My Helper...

"He also serves who sits sleeps and waits."

You may not think that Tag is much of a help to me while he's all tucked in on his futon in the library. Quite the contrary. He's a huge help as he stays (comfortably) out of the way while I clean, rearrange, pack and prepare. He's a huge help for a little dog.
Yup. I found myself taking a break and wondering just where he'd gone. This is where I found him. He opened his eyes, but never so much as twitched an ear. I think I muttered, "Good boy" as I chuckled and went back about my business. 

Today, I'm going to reward him. We'll head out around noon, and go to Aunt Ellen's to hang out for a few hours. I have a feeling we're going to have a really great day...and Handsome will be home tomorrow (big YAY!!), and Bella will be home Monday (double YAY!!! yay!!!). Happy Saturday!

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  1. Yes, I know the feeling. Bitabit is a BIG help to me also. It's amazing what a little dog can do for you just by their presence.


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