June 3, 2015

Made My Deadline...

I had my table runner done, with the exception of squaring it up and attaching the binding, by Board meeting last night. I handed my class list to Joan at the beginning of the meeting, and showed the Board members what I had finished.

I'll add the binding this morning, and I have plenty of time to write my pattern, considering the class is the end of August. Handsome is going to band camp next week, so I have more "pressing" things to do to help him get ready to travel. Yup. I have a full day planned!

I'll check in on FaceBook on and off during the day (when I take tea breaks). If you're on FaceBook, you can join my Brynwood Needleworks group by asking to be accepted into the group. Happy Thursday!


  1. Lovely and always perfect. Your class will adore this pineapple project. Creative Bliss Dear...


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