June 18, 2015

Humanitarian Dolls...

If you've followed me for any length of time, you're aware that I've frequently said that I can't make dolls. I tried years ago and considered it a miserable failure. Now, I'm thinking it was because I started out too "grand". Perhaps something a lot simpler would be more prudent?
I found the pattern for Humanitarian Dolls on the Dress A Girl Around The World™ site (HERE)  and thought, "What the heck? After all, it's for the children." I decided to try again, and guess what? I can make dolls! This doll with the curly hair was my very first attempt.
I decided to stitch the face, rather than paint or use a marker. I think it might be more durable than paint or ink. As directed, I grabbed a Q-tip and spread a little powder blush on her cheeks. I also added a bow for a little something extra. The hair is yarn, sewn to her head.

Her face is a little wonky and it's obvious that she's my first effort, but I love her, and I think some little girl might, too.
After I finished the first one, I thought, "I think I could do better. Perhaps I can fine-tune some of my rough parts."

The second baby doll was much better. First, I used a decorative stitch on the edge to sew the two halves of the triangle together, rather than a basic straight stitch.
I sewed a little collar (same fabric as the dress) onto the "neckline" of the baby, and I stitched the lace (to mimic a bonnet) to the head prior to stitching it down. I also overlapped the head and the body just a bit to give it more stability. I'm very satisfied with the resulting Humanitarian Doll.
It's not a very big dolly for a little girl, but it's the perfect size to put into the pocket of her dress! Now, she'll be able to keep it close.

I chose a bright, colorful fabric for the dress and the pattern worked up quickly. Combined with the dolly (equally quick), I think it will make some little girl very happy.
The Dress A Girl Around The World™ labels arrived from Tucson yesterday, too. I have them available to send out to the participants of our group who prefer to sew them onto their own dresses. Otherwise, they're here so we can add them as the dresses arrive.
I'll be putting labels on my pockets from now on, but the label for this dress will go on the front near the hemline. All in all, it was a productive day. On to the next one.


  1. They are adorable Donna! Yes some little girls are going to be giving them a new home!!

  2. You are a true "crafter" in the best possible sense! Sewing little Humanitarian Dolls and each one becoming your favorite with a tiny special touch each time you sew one. Precious! I can only guess you will make dozens of dolls my friend. Lovely and Sweet...


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