July 1, 2015

#28 - Milk Money II ...

"Milk Money II" is my 28th wallet.
This one is a commission and will go to its new home this week.
My client chose a tongue lock for the closure, and I made this one just a little roomier
to accommodate a larger smart phone. Otherwise, it's the same as many of my others.
I really like this one, but you already know my affinity for all things pastoral.
I only wish I'd had a little barn charm to add for the zipper pull! 
As with the others, I've made a wristlet, shoulder strap and key fob.
Back to pincushions, now that this job is complete.

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Faye said...

This is beautiful~~ very inspiring work!

Createology said...

From one little wallet pattern to completed number 28! Who Knew? Your work is Bovine Dahling! Lovely Day to You...

Jeannie B. said...

That is so cute! And I love the shades of blue. It looks so complicated to me… you have a persistant talant for sure.

Sherri said...

Donna, so cute! You are so talented!! Love all the wallets you have done :)!


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